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Why Waffle Weave?

Did you know that switching to waffle weave towels instead of fluffy towels actually can help you save money? According to Barbara Flanagan, author of Flanagan’s Smart Home, fluffy towels take longer in the dryer, which she says is one of the most expensive uses of energy.

Waffle weave towels are thinner and will dry quicker. Contrary to popular belief, lightweight structure improves their absorbency when utilized in the kitchen. Waffle weave towels are designed to hold more water than the standard kitchen towels than what our mother's used in times past. Although most people use these types of towels to decorate or dry dishes, there are a plethora of ways to use this product. For instance, auto - enthusiast's ideal drying product is in fact, waffle weave.

Back to the reason the question of "why?" Designed to hold a significant amount more water when drying as well as simultaneously realizing water when going through the dryer, this towel takes less time and money to use and clean; not to mention how durable!

Last but not least, the waffle weave towel can be bleached as often as you like, and the embroidery will never distort or fade! Southern Traditions uses special materials to prevent that from happening to keep the towels nice and white.

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